Smart Central Heating Controls are becoming more common place. They enable you to control your home’s central heating remotely. Smart Central Heating Controls contain features that are designed to allow your central heating to adapt to your daily routine.

This means that your heating system will automatically adjust temperatures according to the time of day or when you leave or return to your house. You also have the ability to control your heating and hot water via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Just think, a cold home or no hot water when coming in from work will be a thing of the past.

Smart Central Heating Controls can also display your energy consumption as you use it. You are able to see how much energy you are using and adjust the thermostat according to your requirements. A benefit of smart thermostats is the saving you will make in your gas and electricity bills – you won’t be heating an empty house unnecessarily.

We are regularly being asked for smart thermostats, so give us a call to discuss your switch to Smart Central Heating Controls.

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